Feel and Imagination

Inducted into The New York State Blues Hall of Fame on November 3, 2013!
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Nick Bukuvalas, has been writing and performing his own music covering various styles for years along with playing up and down the east coast with one of New Jersey's most popular shore bands, Shorty Long & The Jersey Horns.

With his solo band and with Shorty Long & The Jersey Horns, Nick has opened up for several well known artists that include Eddie Money, Jimmy Buffet and Leslie West.

Nick has written and produced two solo CDs:

For The First Time
Feel And Imagination

These have sold in the thousands- the only promotion being club gigs, word of mouth and performing on radio shows in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Both CDs display Nick's ability to write catchy songs with lyrics that cover a range of topics. They also demonstrate his strong lead vocals and tight vocal harmonies. He gets to showcase his lead guitar playing along with his all around solid musicianship throughout both CDs. Nick is often sought out to provide his musical services on recording sessions for various other artists and is happy to oblige when time allows.

Ultimately, with regards to songwriting, Nick strives to touch the listeners emotions in some way whether it be with fun, catchy, pop/rock songs or more singer/songwriter type of material.

Nick is also a composer for music production company, Studio 51

After 6 wonderful years and 1000+ shows with Shorty Long & The Jersey Horns, Nick is taking a little breather from performing with Shorty and the gang.
Currently he is getting back to focusing on his solo career and writing new songs for his next CD and for various Film/TV projects!